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FAQ - Frequently asked questions and doubts

In this section we collect some of the most common questions and doubts that our clients ask us, both about the operation of the website and about spices and herbs. This section is constantly growing, so be sure to check it out.

When should we use ground cinnamon and when should we use a branch?

Cinnamon, whether it is Ceylon cinnamon or cassia or any other variety ( different types of cinnamon ), it is the shell or inner bark of a variety of trees called" cinnamon " , therefore, it is wood. Its properties are similar to those of other woods, that is: cinnamon is NOT soluble, and it also floats. Knowing this, we can guess when to use one option or another, but with a general character, we can indicate that:

To infuse, cinnamon stick cinnamon from ceylon

Whether we are going to prepare a tea or infusion, or if we want to flavor a milk that we will later use for a dessert or to make a liqueur (such as coffee liqueur), we should always choose cinnamon sticks or chips, not ground . In this way we will avoid dirtying the preparation. That is, when we make a preparation where we can or want to subsequently eliminate the cinnamon in a simple way, we must choose the option of the stick.

To "eat", cinnamon powder

We will use ground or powdered cinnamon mainly in desserts, when it is going to be added at the end, sprinkled. Also if we want to mix it with other ground products, such as cocoa, sugar, etc.

Why do they add mint to pennyroyal?

This is, with relative frequency, a question that comes to our email from some clients. Actually, pennyroyal-mint is not a pennyroyal to which mint has been added, but is a plant itself " mentha pulegium ", belonging to the common mint family ( mentha piperita ). Therefore, in addition to the menthol aroma, which is more intense in peppermint, they also share other beneficial properties.

Other plants that belong to the same family are mentha spicata (commonly known as spearmint) or mentha citrata (bergamot).

To strengthen the immune system, the doctor has recommended that I have a glass of lemonade with turmeric, ginger and a little black pepper, am I right?

Can we see an improvement in our health when following the advice of the doctor? Yes, you can. As we have already indicated on previous occasions, if your doctor advises or recommends a certain treatment, this criterion is the one that should prevail: in addition to being health professionals, they know your medical history and any particular problem such as allergies, sensitivities or any other data that should be taken into account when consuming one product or another.

Why all the 1001Especias spice mixes have no added salt? Is it for health reasons?

No, it is not really for health reasons, although more than one customer with high blood pressure is very happy when they discover that our condiments or preparations do not contain salt.

It is really because, considering that we all have salt at home, by not adding it we allow much more flexibility to each one at home.  We prefer to let you decide when you want to add it -in some recipes it is preferable to add it to the end of the dish-;  how much you want to add -not for health, but also because some foods are already rich in salt- and of course, what type of salt to add: pink Himalayan salt, black salt, flakes, etc.

Ground cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon stick, is it the same?

All the cinnamon we sell is 100% Ceylon cinnamon. The difference between ground and stick cinnamon is in the fact that broken sticks and pieces are usually used to grind, leaving the entire sticks with a better aspect to sell as such. This rule, in general, is valid for almost all spices and herbs, where the broken pieces are left to grind.

In any case, when buying a ground spice, it should be done from a reputable supplier, since otherwise, there is a risk of buying a considerably less aromatic ground product that is the result of using spices that are not very clean or of inferior qualities .

Do the spices expire?

No, actually spices and herbs do NOT have an expiration date, but rather a best before date. The difference seems subtle, but it is important:

  • Expiration date: A product should NOT be consumed after this date, since its consumption is NOT safe.
  • Best before date: the product has lost an important part of its characteristics, but you can still consume it.

A very clear example of the above we have, for example, in common salt: if we look at any bag or package of salt, we will see that, by law, a preferred consumption date appears. Although obviously after that date (if it has been preserved properly) we all understand that we can continue to consume said salt.

Do I have to throw away my spices if their best-before date has passed?

This is something you should value yourself. Obviously, if they are damp, or with a funny smell, etc. it will be advisable to discard them. If they are ground, even if the appearance is correct, they may have lost a lot of their magic and charm (aroma, color, flavor). If they are whole - chillies, peppers, coriander beans, etc. - you may still be able to use them: try toasting them lightly just before using them, and in this way we will intensify their aroma and we can even give them one last chance. Although, this is valid only if they are going to be used at the moment, not to keep them.