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Shipping policy

Sending the package

As a general rule, packages are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Keep in mind that in case of transfer this does not occur until the bank reflects the balance in the account.

Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs, as well as postal costs. Handling costs are fixed, while transport costs may vary depending on the total weight of the package. We advise you to group all your items in one order. We cannot, in general, combine two different orders, and the shipping costs will be applied to each individually. Depending on the chosen shipping option, said shipment may be insured in the event of loss or deterioration. The exception is established by ordinary shipping with Correos, in which case we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss that your package may suffer after shipment.

Delivery: schedule

hours -clock
delivery times are approximate

Although couriers usually indicate an approximate delivery time, it is important to note that this time is indicative and does not signify a real commitment on the part of the courier companies. This is because couriers have very tight routes, so any incident or delay substantially alters these delivery times.

However, if at the time of delivery it is not at your home or office, do not worry, the courier will contact you to make a new delivery.

In line with this, also indicate that all observations regarding shipments and shipping preferences ("deliver only in the morning", "leave in the 5th year if we are not there", etc.) are indicated to the carrier, to facilitate their work, although they do not constitute a guarantee of compliance.


For safety and hygiene reasons, it is not possible to accept the return of products once they have been received by the customer.

Transport companies

In general, we work with Correos Express, Correos and GLS (shipments to the European Union), at the time of formalizing the purchase and depending on the weight, amount of the order and shipping address, the shipping options that are available will be automatically displayed.