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Is Grandma deceiving us with her recipe?
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Eating healthily: "trends" for 2016
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In addition, the credit card secure payment process is offered by the virtual POS of TriodosBank, through the http://www.redsys.es/ platform.

The payment using a credit card is done directly in that platform and 1001especias does not save any data in the hosting services related to the credit card; it's the customer's responsibility to identify the POS used to make the secure payment.

This method of payment is reflected inmediately in our account balance and we proceed to prepare the order as soon as the payment's done. 

You can also choose as method of payment:


If you select PayPal as the method of payment, you will access directly the PayPal payment system, then you can enter your PayPal user data as the final step of the purchase process. The use of this service may involve the payment of a fee to the customer to include in the total amount of the order.

Bank Transaction

If you decide to choose a bank transaction as method of payment, you will receive a purchase order email where you can see the 1001ESPECIAS account number for you to proceed with the bank transaction.

It's very important that you indicate in the bank transaction the "order YOUR ORDER NUMBER", so we can see it in the receipt and validate the order.

The purchase will not be considered valid until we confirm the corresponding bank income. Please do not forget that you must make the payment in Euros and that all possible exchange and bank fees will run on your side.

Counter payment

This form of payment is linked and conditioned by the type of transport chosen by the customer, since not all the courier and transport companies contemplate it. Likewise, a minimum order amount can be established for this modality.

This form of payment carries an additional cost to the order. This amount will vary depending on the total amount of the order, shipping address, etc.