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General terms of sale

All purchases made in the online store of 1001especias.com are subject to the General Sales Conditions set forth in this document and regulate the relationship between the client and the Website 1001especias.com. The sales held are considered distance sales regulated by current Spanish legislation on the subject.

The customer must accept these General Sales Conditions at the time of making a purchase through the Website 1001especias.com, and prior to formalization of the purchase, in the purchase form that will be presented to this effect during the purchase process, and without any changes that may occur later.

Application territory

Currently the store of 1001especias.com is active for all European countries. For the Spanish territory, it is active for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, the sale and shipment of products to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla not being available at this time, although this may change in a timely or definitive way later. For inquiries about shipping costs send an email to info@1001especias.com

Terms and conditions


All prices shown in our online store 1001especias.com include VAT in force at the time of sale. All prices listed on the 1001especias.com website and other sales channels are valid except for typographical errors.

Punctually, the products marketed may be subject to offers, promotions or discounts, being marked for this purpose in a visible and unambiguous manner.

Modification of sales conditions

1001especias.com reserves the right to modify these General Conditions without prior notice, being able to change, delete or add the contents and / or services provided through the page www .1001especias.com as well as the way in which these are presented on the trading platform. These General Sales Conditions must be accepted by the customer at the time of making a purchase through the Website 1001especias.com, and prior to the formalization of the purchase.

Cancellation or withdrawal

The client's right to exercise the cancellation or withdrawal option will end at the moment the merchandise subject to transaction is made available to the courier or transport company.


In general, returns of the merchandise will not be accepted once received by the customer, unless error by 1001species. In case of total or partial payment for cancellation (in time and form), withdrawal, error of 1001species, etc. This return will be made using the same payment method used by the client, within a maximum period of 1 week from the moment in which the acceptance of both parties (client and seller) of said measure takes place.

Payment systems

a) Bank Transfer transfer-icon.png

If you select as bank transfer payment method, in the proof of purchase you receive by mail at the end of the process, the account number in which to make the bank transfer to name of 1001ESPECIAS.

It is very important that you indicate in the subject "requested YOUR ORDER NUMBER", which will be indicated in the proof of purchase and make the transfer to validate it.

The purchase will not be considered formalized until we confirm the corresponding bank deposit. Do not forget that you must make the payment in Euros and that all possible exchange and bank commissions run on your own when opting for this payment system.

b) Credit card

The secure payment service by credit card is done with the virtual POS of the TriodosBank entity, through the platform http://www.redsys.es/ .

Card payment is made directly against said platform, no data relating to your credit card is stored on your servers, and it is the client's responsibility to verify the identity of the payment gateway through which payment is made.

This method of payment is immediately reflected by the preparation of the order from the moment of payment.

c) PAYPAL Paypal -logo.png

If you select PayPal as a payment method, the customer directly accesses the PayPal payment system, in order to enter their data as a PayPal user, as the final step of the process shopping. The use of this service may involve paying a customer fee to be included in the total order amount.

d) Payment on delivery

This form of payment is linked and conditioned to the shipping method chosen by the customer, given that not all courier and transport companies contemplate it. Likewise, a minimum amount for payment may be established through this modality.

This form of payment entails an additional cost to the order by the customer. This amount will vary depending on the total amount of the order, shipping address, etc.

Order formalization

While it is NOT necessary to register in order to make the purchase, it is recommended, since this will allow the customer to consult the order history, as well as receive offers, discounts and promotions of interest.

Once the purchase process is finished, the customer will receive a summary email with the detail of his order, and where he will be indicated, among others, the shipping address he has facilitated It is highly recommended for the customer to carefully check said email, as this way he will be able to detect possible errors, failures or inaccuracies in the shipping address or the requested products.


Depending on the characteristics of the order (weight, amount) and the shipping address, different options may be offered to the customer to send their order, each with its particular characteristics and delivery times icono-postal-express.jpgmail-icon-100_1.png


In case of complaint, the customer may contact customers@1001especias.com indicating the number of his order and providing all the information or documentation that he considers appropriate to expose the incident or nonconformity that has occurred .

A maximum period of seven calendar days for filing your claim is established in general.

1001Spices with the intention of improving customer service and facilitating the selection of products, allows and promotes the assessment and comments on these products by users. 1001Especias is not responsible for the veracity or completeness of said comments, so no responsibility is accepted based on them and especially returns derived from said comments.


Dispute resolution

Information related to the online dispute resolution of Art. 14, par. ODR 1 (Online dispute resolution regulation):

The European Commission offers consumers the opportunity to resolve online disputes in accordance with Art. 14, para. 1 of the ODR on one of its platforms. The platform ( http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr) It serves as a website where consumers can try to reach agreements without going to trial related to disputes that arise in purchases and contracts for online services.