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  • -20%

Anís estrellado, roto

€2.40 Save 20%
Tax included

Product status: broken, loose seed.

Star anise is a delicate product. From China, during transportation, handling, etc. It is breaking to a greater or lesser extent, something understandable and, to some extent, acceptable, by the characteristics of the product. Also, as a result of this handling, large amounts of loose seeds are accumulated at the bottom of the boxes or sacks along with these broken pieces (see photos).

This product, which in some cases, given the large amount of seed, some customers even value more than the normal product, we have decided to sell it discounted.

This is NOT a permanent product in our catalog.

(The quantity available is limited, therefore, and for all customers to enjoy it, we only sell it in a format of 100 grams and 250 grams.)

Recommendation for use:

This product keeps its organoleptic characteristics intact, making it perfect for infusion, grinding or crushing, etc.

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