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(matricaria chamomila , chamomilla recutita, chamomile)


Chamomile is an annual herb, up to 50 cm, very aromatic, with erect, hairless and very branched stems. The flowers are arranged on long peduncles. It blooms from the months of April-May and during the summer. Its leaves and flowers are harvested, which are allowed to dry in the shade.


Chamomile occurs naturally in sown margins and roads, and planted in orchards, parks and gardens in almost the entire Mediterranean, being its simple and undemanding crop.

Active ingredients

Contains essential oil with chamazulene, flavonoids with quercetol and apigenol, choline, coumarins such as umbeliferone, bitter principles such as matricin and matricarin, salicylic acid, phenolic acids and even vitamin C .

Chamomile is undoubtedly one of the best known and consumed infusions. This beautiful bush, with a pleasant aroma reminiscent of that of the apple - hence its name - has been one of the medicinal resources most used and appreciated by our grandparents. Its utilities are multiple and varied.


Anti-inflammatory, digestive, carminative, choleretic, antispasmodic, sedative, emenagogue, analgesic, antiseptic and healing.

Ally of the stomach

Chamomile stands out as an excellent digestive toner, which favors the proper functioning of the intestines, facilitates the elimination of gases and reduces abdominal swelling. To this is added that it is a remarkable sedative that calms nerves and calms the mood. It is also one of the best natural remedies to cope with nerve indispositions that are accompanied by abdominal pain, spasms and even nausea, dizziness and vomiting. It is a balm against summer diarrhea and colic with flatulence and at the same time as a useful means to curb anxiety, irritability, stress and headache caused by indigestion.

Menstrual pains

It is also considered an excellent aid to soften menstrual cramps, to regulate menstrual flow, especially in dysmenorrhoea and to prevent nausea during pregnancy.

Suitable for children

It is a natural remedy of the most recommended for children. It is used to alleviate different frequent problems such as candida, colic and insomnia. It is also a very effective alternative in cases of tired eyes irritated eyes and for the treatment of mild otitis, applying in warm drops.

Powerful antiseptic

Due to its antiseptic power, in the form of plasters and washes, it is used successfully to reduce inflammation in skin wounds, sores, itches and stings. The essential oil is used to reduce muscle pain due to poor postures, bumps or minor sports injuries.

Simple digestive infusion: Very useful for after heavy meals.
Ingredients: one level tablespoon of chamomile flower tops for each cup of agual.
Preparation: Boil the water and boil the last boil, remove from heat and let stand, covered, for 10 minutes.
Frequency: Have a cup after eating.
Combined digestive infusion: To relieve gastrointestinal spasms, gastritis and avoid flatulence
Ingredients: In amounts of 15-20 grams, chamomile, lemongrass, fennel.
Preparation: Boil two minutes, and let stand for 10 minutes. Then filter. It can be sweetened if desired.

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Information on allergens (Directive 2003/89 / EC and Regulation EU 1169/2011):

Allergen Does it contain?
1.- Cereals containing gluten and derived products (wheat, rye, barley , oats, spelled, kamut or their hybrid varieties) N
2.- Shellfish or shellfish-based products N
3.- Eggs and egg-based products N
4.- Fish and fish-based products N
5.- Peanuts and peanut-based products N
6.- Soy and soy products N
7.- Milk and its derivatives, including lactose < / td> N
8.- Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnut nuts, cashews , pecans, para chestnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, Australian walnuts or derived products) N
9.- Celery and derived products N
10.- Mustard and derived products N
11.- Sesame seeds and products based on sesame seeds N
12.- Sulphurous anhydride and sulphites in concentrations greater than 10 mg / kg or 10mg / L expressed as SO₂. N
13.- Lupins and lupine-based products N
14.- Mollusks and shellfish products N
* S: Contains as an ingredient. C: It may contain traces. N: Does not contain.
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