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Eating healthily: "trends" for 2016
Eating healthily: "trends" for 2016
Yes, I am aware that by including the word "trends" , thus, in quotation marks, in the headline ...
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Eating healthily: "trends" for 2016

Eating healthily: "trends" for 2016

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Yes, I am aware that by including the word "trends" , thus, in quotation marks, in the headline of this article on health and nutrition, it The feather duster sees me: I am one of those who believe that the (silly) of fashion and the powerful (and dangerous when it comes to food) marketing increasingly marks our eating habits in a way that we are not even aware of.

This weekend, while flipping through the January double issue of Time magazine, I stumbled across a story titled " The New Food Rules ”(page 90, HEALTH section). In this report, more or less briefly six aspects to take into account for healthy eating were reviewed.

And although it is true that these tips fit better in the American market, since in the end we all end up looking towards the United States, I have considered that it does not hurt to know what awaits us. .. do not?. So I summarize and translate for you (get the magazine if you have the chance) these tips:

1. Don't worry too much about protein. After getting rid of the obsession with eating "low fat food", foods of "high protein value" or enriched with proteins gain market share, hand in hand with protein diets to lose weight. TIME's recommendation that we don't count proteins. A balanced diet will provide us with the necessary contribution.

 TIME TheYearAhead The TIME of January that includes the article "The New Food Rules" 2. Whenever you can, "eat outside the box" . Basically, whenever possible, we opt for unprocessed foods, prioritizing vegetables, fruits, whole foods, legumes and seeds in general. It seems obvious, doesn't it? However, the current trend is increasingly the opposite: everything packaged and ready for consumption. And we justify ourselves for the rhythm of life and other reasons that are no more than that, false justifications that seek to calm our conscience.

3. It goes from "superfoods". We love to swallow all the advertising claims about health with which the food industry increasingly adorns its products: "enriched with", "source of antioxidants", etc. Journalist Mandy Oaklander warns us about it and cites a study by Cornell University published by the "Journal of Health of Psychology" where they have found that American consumers think that products enriched with omega3 are preferable to fish , one of the main natural sources of this fatty acid. Point for the food industry.

4. Improve your diet instantly with this nutrient. Although here they have not been able to resist the sensationalist headline, what TIME recommends is basically that we make sure that fiber is very present in our diet, since in addition to protecting against obesity, it also helps protect very effectively the digestive system.

5. Stay away from zero calorie drinks and foods. Avoiding (or reducing) sugar and fat is usually a good measure. But we must be very careful if we make said reduction at the cost of sweeteners. The effects of the additives continuously used by the industry to substitute sugar are usually much worse than the sugar itself: change the cocacola for natural juices or water, not for zero cocacola.

6. Some foods can trigger weight gain. This point delves into the fact that the traditional consumed calories less calories burned formula is out of date. And it is that for our organism the calories of, for example, the fruit, are not the same as the calories of some salty cookies, when determining what to do with them: accumulate them as reserves (fat) or consume them. Again, the Mediterranean diet and carbohydrate control are the solution to the problem.

To conclude, the article presents us with an infographic with six dance couples : foods that, combined, multiply its beneficial properties. But today we are only going to reveal one of these pairs: black pepper and turmeric: the active substance in pepper, piperine, responsible for itching, increases the absorption of curcumin present in turmeric by inhibiting the liver process by which curcumin is eliminated, thus giving our body more time to absorb these elements.

Pepper increases the absorption of turmeric by
our body by up to 200%.

Any recipes for pepper and turmeric?

Obviously, any curry dish is a good choice, especially cooked in the “Mediterranean” style. That is, with a good olive oil instead of animal fats.

And we can also prepare a vegetable cream to which we will add, once prepared, a tablespoon of turmeric, a little black pepper and a splash of olive oil. Everything better in raw.

But if what you want is to consume it on a daily basis, better opt for a drink like the one that is proposed to us at DailyHealthPost.com: “ A powerful drink against cancer ”.

Green tea and pepper

Apparently, the properties of piperine present in pepper also work to increase the antioxidant effects of green tea ( Piperine Enhances the Bioavailability of the Tea Polyphenol). Although in this case, mixing green tea with black pepper doesn't seem like such an obvious combination.

Going back to the TIME article that inspired this blog post, some of these tips may fit better in the American market, where the food industry is one of the stronger lobbies, but since we all end up looking towards the United States, it doesn't hurt to know what awaits us... right?

In general, these tips make good sense and can be followed by anyone who does not have a specific complaint. Anyway, in view of the avalanche of information with which we are constantly bombarded, we can only recommend taking a teaspoon of common sense before every meal.



http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/ black-pepper-and-turmeric-the-combination-that-could-save-lives /


http://jn.nutrition.org/content /134/8/1948.full

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